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Women of Action is a grassroots group of low-income women, joining together to run local campaigns for social and economic justice. We identify problems in our community that impact our lives. Then, we create strategies for change. We are a direct action, multi-issue, membership based organization. We hold campaign meetings every second and fourth Saturday of the month. We focus on political education, leadership development, supportive networking, and moving towards victory against all oppression of low-income women. Childcare and refreshments are provided at all meetings. Membership is restricted to low income women.

Last year, we won a campaign to increase MBTA access for women with young children. We supported the Health Care For All campaign to restore benefits cut from MassHealth.
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Today, we are working to obtain:
  • Respectful treatment of tenants by the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA);
  • Tenant participation in CHA decision-making
To join WOA or obtain additional information, contact community organizer, Lynn Murray at 617.308.7330 or email Lynn at

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Fight for Women's Rights!
Join Women of Action by calling Lynn at 617.308.7330

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