Other Ways to Volunteer

Can’t commit to weekly shifts? Have a special skill you think you could donate?
There are plenty of ways to stay involved with the Cambridge Women’s Center. See below for our current opportunities.

Facilitating Groups or Workshops

If you'd like to work directly with people, but not in the drop-in and helpline, consider running a group or workshop! Read below for more information on the options.

The Women's Center offers a wide variety of FREE weekly, monthly, and occasional groups. Some of our groups are open to all women, while others are open only to women dealing with a specific issue (such as child sexual abuse, addictions, or a physical illness). We have a variety of workshops, ranging from artistic expression, LGBTQ+ support, meditation & yoga, entertainment, practical assistance, trauma survivor groups, and wellness & self-help topics.

Each month, a calendar of our groups is posted on our website.

Ready to lead your own group? If you're interested in facilitating a new group, please download our application form, fill it out and return it to Board Chair, Judy Norris (judy@cambridgewomenscenter.org). Please check our calendar and list of current groups, in case we already offer a group in your area of interest. For more information, email: judy@cambridgewomenscenter.org.)

We are currently actively looking for the following groups to be run (and are option to other options!):

  • Women of Color Support Group

  • Grief Support Group

  • Abortion Support Group

  • Housing Search Group

Current Special Opportunities

Cleaning Volunteer

Our large 4-story home is in need of constant cleaning. Currently we are looking for someone to come in on Wednesday morning at 9am to vacuum the Center prior to opening at 10am. We are also looking for people to clean on Sundays, when we are closed. Please email Jessye Kass, (jessye@cambridgewomenscenter.org), if you’re interested.

Day of Service

Are you looking for a day of service as a small group or a few people? We have several options available. Please read below and email Director of Programs, Volunteers, and House Management, Jessye Kass (jessye@cambridgewomenscenter.org) to set a date and formalize a plan.

We are open to ideas your group may have, but the following are our primary day of service needs right now:

  1. Host a donation drive and deliver the donations (canned/dry food, toiletries, clothes, shoes, etc). This is our most needed day of service opportunity. Please email to find out current needs.

  2. Host a luncheon! Cook a meal for 10-30 people and host a lunch at the Center.

  3. Cleaning/Organizing: We are a large 4-story home and often in need of cleaning and organizing of the house. We need a deep clean every 2-3 months.

  4. Hold a fundraiser to raise money for one of our programs (no amount too small!)

  5. Make gift bags for special occasions

  6. Have a car? We often need help getting items from the house to recycling centers or papers to archive centers.


As listed on the left, we are currently looking for someone to lead a Women of Color Support Group (preferably a mental health professional), a Grief support group, a Depression support group, an Abortion support group, and a Housing Search group. Please email, Jessye Kass at jessye@cambridgewomenscenter.org for more information.

Board of Trustees

The Cambridge Women's Center is currently accepting applications to join its Board of Trustees.

Currently we are working on development opportunities, stay tuned for future developments.