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The following special projects are based at or operate in conjunction with the Women's Center.

Incest Resources 


Incest Resources (IR) is an all-survivor, all-volunteer organization. Founded in 1980, it was the first organization for survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the country.

IR provides free support groups and workshops for survivors, as well as literature, resource lists, and recovery materials. IR also provides public education about childhood sexual abuse as a societal and political issue. Consulting and psychotherapy are offered by its members, who are survivor-professionals with years of training and expertise.

At the Women’s Center, IR provides a free, drop-in discussion group for female survivors, including survivors of incest, childhood sexual abuse, ritualistic and sadistic abuse, and survivors of abuse by clergy and other professionals. The group is facilitated by Elaine Westerlund, EdD, DABPS, DAPA, licensed psychologist, trauma specialist, incest survivor, and the Co-Founder and Director of Incest Resources.

For more information, including upcoming topics for the discussion groups, visit www.incestresourcesinc.org or call the Women’s Center at (617) 354-8807.


The Survivor Quilt Project

Kitchen_low res.jpg

The Survivor Quilt Project was founded in 2004 by Michelle Napoli LMHC, ATR-BC, artist, art therapist, trauma specialist, and incest survivor. This unique art therapy and public education project was developed in collaboration with Incest Resources and the Women's Center.

Michelle has worked with groups of incest survivors at the Women’s Center to create representations related to incest that capture the challenges and triumphs of healing from such abuse. The stunning and powerful quilts raise awareness of the devastation incest causes, demonstrate the healing power of creativity, promote public discourse on a subject that remains taboo, and bring hope to victims.

The thematically-related quilts created thus far have been collectively exhibited as “Incest Survivors Speaking Truth to the Next Generation.”  The quilts continue to be shown at community events and art exhibits. Click here to learn more about the project and view photos of some of the quilts.

For questions or comments, please contact Michelle at michellenapoliatr@gmail.com.


The Survivor Theatre Project 

STP image.jpg

The Survivor Theatre Project was founded in July 2008 by theatre artist and survivor Melissa Redwin, MA, to provide survivors with a creative experience for healing and outreach. STP was developed in collaboration with Incest Resources and the Cambridge Women's Center in response to a deep need for survivors to bring their voices to the public discourse, to increase access to the performing arts, and to expand public awareness about the realities of sexual violence. STP offers sexual trauma survivors a direct link to the performing arts and a chance to learn about and experience their own creativity and growth; a unique therapeutic approach to healing and empowerment; and an opportunity to be involved in activism on sexual violence.

During the course of a series of theatre workshops, participants build an ensemble, learn theatre skills, create an original short play, and prepare the play for performance. The extended workshop culminates in theatre performances and post-performance dialogues with attending audiences.

The Survivor Theatre Project is funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Cambridge Arts Council, other foundations, and generous individuals, and receives in-kind support from the Cambridge Women's Center.

For more information go to www.survivortheatreproject.com or email info@survivortheatreproject.com.