Lead a Group


If you'd like to work directly with people, but not in the drop-in and helpline, consider running a group or workshop! We ask that you be very reliable about coming in on time for your group or workshop when it’s been advertised and providing advance information on meeting dates and times (and topics, if any),

The Women's Center offers a wide variety of FREE weekly, monthly, and occasional groups. Some of our groups are open to all women, while others are open only to women dealing with a specific issue (such as child sexual abuse, addictions, or a physical illness). We have a variety of groups and workshops, ranging from artistic expression, LGBTQ+ support, meditation, yoga, sewing, writing, Spanish/English conversation, feminist book club, trauma survivor groups, and wellness & self-help topics.

Each month, a calendar of our groups is posted on our website.

Ready to lead your own group? If you're interested in facilitating a new group, please download our application form, fill it out and return it to Board Chair, Judy Norris. Please check our calendar and list of current groups, in case we already offer a group in your area of interest. For more information, email: judy@cambridgewomenscenter.org

We are currently actively looking for the following groups to be run (and are open to other options!):

  • Journaling

  • Anger Management

  • Housing Search Group

  • Job Search Support (resumes, job interviews, job applications…)

  • Survivors of Domestic Violence Support Group

  • Grief Support Group

  • Self-care Group

  • Knitting Group